Gather from the field or your desk
  • Whether you’re in the field or at your desk it’s easy to upload content
  • Easy to use tools make it easy to send content home
  • Syncs with downstream systems
  • Maintain your custom meta data
  • Works with your existing workflows


Moderate, curate or let it flow through
  • Build your own taxonomy
  • Have content flow through, or moderate
  • A cloud based digital asset management system
  • Manage your contributors
  • Maintain metadata into downstream systems


Publish to downstream systems
  • Publish to the systems of your choice
  • Route content in the appropriate format
  • Maintain custom metadata
  • Multiple trigger options to publish files


Alert key people that files have arrived
  • Discover when your reporter has filed their story
  • Email alerts trigger when files arrive or fail
  • Offers direct links into Newzulu Platform to view
  • Notify those that need to know their jobs are done
“Saving 400 man hours a year and reducing a 2-day process to minutes. Thanks Newzulu.” – Laurent Bridenne from Cisco TV
Workflow Use Cases

The Weather Network

CTV My News

Under Armour

Savannah Now

Add your Reporter Network

Extend your coverage and add live footage from your own reporter network to your media workflow. Manage incoming streams and curate post-live video clips in Newzulu Platform.
  • Live Reporter App with your branding
  • Manage incoming streams with Newzulu Platform
  • Send post-live video downstream
  • Activate reporters by launching geo-targeted Newscalls

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