Newzulu Platform makes uploading files through widgets easy. Users can simply register using their social network profile, SSO, or a custom form that you can setup in your admin panel. You can also customize font, colors, content categories and other configuration settings. Users can upload from their phones or computer and add important meta data.

  • Upload photos or videos in an easy drag/ drop interface.
  • Adaptive design, which fits any layout.
  • Upload from your phone or tablet.
  • Social sign-on with six popular social networks.
  • Customize your registration and upload fields.
  • Low friction barrier to entry.
  • No developers or designers needed.
  • Easily moderate and publish your content.

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<!– App ID: 10926 | Vhost ID: 1598 –>

<div data-url=”5978c574ce787-1598.projects.fm” data-groupid=”” data-channelid=”” data-grouplist=”” data-channellist=”” class=”fmUploader”></div>

<script src=”//5978c574ce787-1598.projects.fm/a/js/widget/embed.js” type=”text/javascript”></script>

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