Our Solutions

Gather, curate, publish, and engage content at scale.

Widget Suite

Gather and Publish Content Quickly

Embeddable applications that you can insert into any web page to start gathering and publishing content quickly – no need for designers or developers.
Upload, Gallery, and Slideshow Widgets include interactive elements such as voting, liking and social sharing.

Social Hub

Gather Social Content

Boost content by acquiring social media photos and video.
Ingest, moderate, and publish content from Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube by using #hashtags as well as Facebook pages.

APIs/SDK/Mobile Apps

Fast Track Your Development Timelines

Flexible, proven, highly scalable services allowing developers to quickly and easily build engaging solutions in any development environment with CrowdSpark’s robust developer documentation.
Integrate rich media solutions into any mobile application on iOS and Android.

Reporter Kit

From Smartphone to Broadcast

A simple way for your reporters to submit videos and photos from mobile devices and even live stream, all into the CrowdSpark Platform for you to manage and publish.

Notification Center

Engage Your Audience Where They Are

Instantly send geolocated push notifications to your user base.
Alert users about a timely assignment, breaking news around them, or simply inform them of new content.

Live Suite

Manage Live Content in Real-Time

Receive, manage, and broadcast live streams.
Extend your coverage and easily publish incoming live feeds to your preset destinations including broadcast, web, mobile app, and YouTube.


Launch Engaging Promotions

Create exciting, interactive campaigns to drive business and grow your community with video and photo contests.
Invite your audience to become a part of your brand by sharing their content.

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