Our Production Process

Get film directors to ideate on the narrative of your video ad. Have them pitch a production concept. Launch a story-boarding competition based on any campaign brief.
lots and lots and lots of ideas


At the heart of every great video lies a good story. But stories are like nature: only the strong ones survive and live on. Let the crowd ideate in 140 characters and find the story of your video that both meets your objectives and your audience wants to share.

  1. Define your communication goals and video requirements
  2. Our crowd or your audience proposes basic narratives in 140 chars.
  3. Add your Instagram or Twitter followers to the ideation process,
  4. or deploy our embeddable ideation widget on any site
  5. Get all submissions in 1 spreadsheet, including curated staff picks
Select the best concept

Concept pitch

A story can be told differently. What format, style and tone fits your campaign, organization or brand best? Choose from a vast selection of creative visions, treatments or story boards for the chosen stories, pitched by our highly talented film directors.

  1. Define the genre of your video: animation, live action, short doc etc
  2. Choose a pitch format: treatment, storyboard, or creative vision
  3. We turn your goals into a creative brief so that pitches are on brand
  4. Launch a public pitch or enjoy full discretion via NDA’s
  5. Browse submissions and select the best concepts to go into production
Unprecedented production speed

Production & Delivery

Brands and organizations need to be increasingly reactive and quick in their communications to stay relevant. We guarantee to deliver high-end videos within 4 weeks from brief to completion or even shorter if the brief allows.

  1. Dedicated production manager ensures films are on time & budget
  2. Choose the number of feedback rounds and adjustments
  3. Review and feedback on rough cut
  4. Delivery of final films, including music and talent releases